#026 Share Sunday

1. The picture is my shattered state as I just got back from work and I'm in my pj's haha, life of a fashion blogger isn't always glamorous ey ;)

2. I took a week break from the blog and I feel like I may need a little longer. I've actually decided to get rid of my usual 'Wednesday Wishes' posts as I genuinely hardly ever buy things brand new anyway, and I can't keep up with 2 regular postings a week, so sorry about that guys!

3. I know so many other bloggers have said it already, but it would be incredible if you could donate any money you can spare in aid of the recent earthquake in Japan. I don't really need to go into how devastating it is as you will all be aware, but they really need all the help they can get right now.

4. Not much else to say other than tiring weekend at work, but am going out next fri and saturday so will be even more shattered, but it should be fun. I'll try get an OOTD up in the week, but again sorry guys. I'm pretty much fed up of everything internet related, just need to relax!


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