#08 Wednesday Wishes

1. The dress is so lovely, and I think everyone loves going on modcloth to look at their beautiful vintage inspired clothing. I really want a dress like this to go with some tights I got from topshop last year that I have never worn because they're a little tricky.

2. Ages ago I mentioned an asos canvas bag and this is basically it only smaller. I love the palette and think it would look so good with everything in my wardrobe (and with my bags breaking left right and center I need a new one pronto!)

3. I used to have hello kitty and duck ear buds but both broke and now use some really short ones, meaning I have to put my ipod in my bra when walking around. And it's cold. But I want these cute ladybird ones cause they're very kitsch and quirky and I love things like that.

4. Nowt special, this is just my concealer that I've run out of and need some more. So yeah, it's on the list!

Boring one today cause I haven't had time to want anything but a nice little OOTD tomorrow.. I know right, two OOTDS in one week? I'm getting more organised!
What have YOU been lusting after?


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