Find the perfect words that I've not spoken

Brown bag, charity shop - £1 / Brown Brogues, charity shop - £2

Flannel shirt, carboot - £1

Cream Duffle Cardigan, carboot - 50p

Books - 50p each

Zara shirt, ebay - 99p

Just wanted to update you with a few haul items I have picked up in the past few weeks from charity shops, ebay and carboots. The brown bag and shoes are currently on ebay at the moment if you want to take a look, the shoes are a size 6/7 :) (so annoyed them don't fit me!)
The flannel shirt is abit too big for me, like I love the oversized look but it is just TOO oversized! But I've been wearing it tied, liek in the picture, with jeans and heels. The books were a really super find as they are on my reading list and I didn't own them, and the zara blouse was 99p and I think would look good for a pop of colour this a/w, as everything does seem to be abit khaki/burgundy/maroon/brown at the moment. As pretty as Autumn colours are it can be abit.. bland.
The contest should be up soon amongst various other posts I have planned. :)


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