001 Share Sunday.

Sundays will always be my favourite day, due to my early morning carbooting and afternoon napping regime I've had for a while now. I thought I'd bring the sunday spirit to my blog every week, so I'm starting off a series on the blog (yes, I'm slow jumping on the bandwagon) and it is so *imaginatively* named 'share sunday'.
Just a day where I update you with the boring things in my life and some things I am enjoying via pictures. I always thought I was waaaayyyy too boring to ever have weekly posts on myself, and I think I still am. But I'll go ahead with it and see what happens.

Listening to: Salt skin - Ellie Goulding
Reading: Wuthering Heights - Emily Brontë
Watching: American Dad!

1. I'm five followers away from 600 followers on the blog. It's bizarre and flattering and exciting, but mostly I'm just very happy that people turn up to my blog and can feel inspired. I'm also happy with the fact that the blog has brought me close to so many other bloggers, and in turn, I feel like I've made genuine blogger friends. So basically, thankyou very much, and when I hit the 600 mark, I will be giving away the gem that is hidden inside this box..

2. Her album is my favourite this year.. so I'm incredibly excited to be seeing Ellie Goulding in November! Ahh! I've heard shes pretty awesome live, and I'ts rare for me to actually go to gigs as I don't go unless they are amazing or I know all the words off the album. She will be my 4th gig EVER!

3. I'm not sure if I mentioned it or not, but I'm teaching myself Spanish because of my planned 4 month trip to South America. It's safe to say It's not going that well, besides counting to ten in Spanish, I'm abit..crap. I bought a Spanish Dictionary for £1 however, so I'll keep you updated. Any help is very much appreciated! (swapping brains with anyone fluent in Spanish would be appreciated also)

4. I never even mentioned this, but I turned vegetarian a month ago and it's going well! I'm not going to lie and say it is because of the ethics of not eating animals (although that has contributed slightly) it is mainly that I just don't like meat anymore!

5. I bought some friendship bracelets for me and my friends to commemorate shambala, and they are ever so pretty! Mines pink, and theirs are red and black.

6. I'm off to London on September 30th to visit my best blogger friend, Hannah from London--Rose. I'm excited as we have the most incredible time when we're in London together, but the event we're going to is a charity event with 'Gina Conway Aveda Salons' (buy tickets HERE) and should be pretty exciting. If you are going, let me know! I'd love to know which other fellow bloggers are going to be there. :)

That is all for share sunday, I will be back next sunday with some more random information about my life. And again, thankyou so much for following or silently reading this blog. It's more than appreciated.


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