002 Share Sunday.

1. All I have done today is played pictionary and slept.. alot. I woke up at 4pm and didn't even attend a carboot! I was out until 5:30am last night, and had a really lovely time.. but I then remembered why I don't actually go out that much. I can't hack the lifestyle!

2. I've had a few questions on the fact that I haven't got an 'older posts' option, and the links under the i heart vintage banner do not work. They are being sorted out, it is just taking me forever as I haven't had a proper time of day to dedicate toward it!

3. I have picture day at sixth form tomorrow.. agh. I am not looking forward to it as I always hate my school pictures and I've been quite spotty recently = not a good combo.

4. I've got an exciting week next week as I'm off to London thurs, so if there aren't too many updates, thats why :) But I'll do a blog post on the event and seeing the beautiful Hannah, and what we got up to whilst I was there!


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