Unravelled words like moths upon old scarves.


On monday I went to visit my gorgeous friend Saffy at a coffee shop nearby. It is a beautiful place to sit and chat in, which also serves the most AMAZING hot chocolates. The decorations are also gorgeous, and if I was a coffee shop, I would be this one. The vintagey whimsical decorations with a shabby chic touch.. it is just beautiful. The seats we sat on are the comfiest seats in the world, leading me to fall asleep (in this spot!) last week when meeting up with another friend. Safe to say it's lovely and very 'homely' .. And thankyou Saffy for taking the photos for me :)


Even the outside of the shop is adorable! My outfit was pretty much a head to toe vintage ensemble. Sorry I haven't got a better picture!
Vintage headscarf, jumble sale - 50p / Oversized vintage shirt, charity shop - £2 / Loafers, charity shop - £3 / Burgundy cardigan, carboot - £1 / Cameo necklace, carboot - £1 / Tapestry bag, carboot - £2

The shirt is my new favourite, it is originally mens but I just wore it with leggings for the oversized look. My tan loafers are also a new love of mine, comfiest shoes I have ever worn in my life!

This is how I wore my hair, and the outcome was due to a rushed styling in the morning, followed by getting rained on. It's abit too messy for my liking, but it will have to do!

I'm quite glad that where I live I have such beautiful places around me, and this is defintely my new place to have meetups with friends and chat. I also took the camera out properly for the first time.. agh! I didn't have a camera bag, but I wrapped it in a scarf in my bag to prevent it from bashing around. I was at school beforehand, so I was ridiculously scared of people hitting my bag in the corridors haha. Safe to say, it has survived though, and I will try and bring my baby out more often.. if not to just prove I do have a life and I don't just sit at home on my computer everyday ;)

Few haul items and the contest will be up soon. Thats right, I hit 600 followers! :)


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