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Now that the whole 'Sports Luxe' trend is pretty big in the fashion world, or at least, in the blogging world, wearing trainers such as the New balance trainers has become something I see happening more and more. I really wanted to get a nice pair of trainers that look amazing with a casual tee or something and leggings, but I wasn't a fan of the new balance ones, and I'm not one to buy something just because its the latest trends (well, I am, but in this case I wasn't haha!) So, I decided to get a really nice and bright pair of Nike Dunks. I owned a proper gorgeous pait many years ago that my sister lost, but they were grey and pink and beeeautiful!

White Shift Dress, c/o OASAP
Orange Nike Dunks, Ebay - £30
Orange Snapback, c/o 47 Brand
Gold Cuff, gift
White Large Leather Rucksack, c/o Grafea

These nikes are pretty special though. Slightly big for me but in a comfy was, they are perfect. And bright orange too, which is very difficult to fit into a wardrobe! When I took part in the crocs campaign a few weeks ago they let me have a snapback (dream come true!) from 47 Brand.

I have forever and ever wanted to do the trainers and dress combo. Not just the failsafe 'White low top converse and pretty tea dress', but something that is a little difficult to nail. I think wearing these badyboys with any dress was going to be difficult! I absolutely love this dress though, it's so perfect. It's shapeless but in such a good way, it has the slits down the side which make it look very Wang-Esque, and I do very much love the whole outfit together! I love this dress so much I got the hot pink version too (with my own money!) can't wait to try and rock it.. it's SUPER BRIGHT

So the main question is guys: Trainers with dresses - yay or nay?

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