The Only Exception.

I've been pretty good at blogging quite consistantly at the moment. I'm not sure why as I'm busier than I have ever been blog wise! Before this month, I hadn't travelled to any blog/model related things in 4 months.. and then this month I've been on a train 4 different times, and next week I'm back to Manchester, and then the week after London again - phew! For someone who hates travelling I'm immensely proud of myself, I've started to just say yes to so many more things that I usually would say no and I've never been happier :-)

So anyway onto this outfit, quite a casual one today!

Grey 'HELLO AMERICANA' Print Sweatshirt With Shorts, c/o Sheinside
White Beanie, Ebay - £3.15
White Large Leather Rucksack, c/o Grafea
Ozone White Leather Chunky Heels, Office - £68 (SIMILAR HERE!!)

The weather has been beautiful, and if you know me super well, you will know I am a pyjamas girl. I have so many pyjamas, onesies - you name it. I practically live in them, I'm a comfort girl that can't feel comfortable in 'normal' clothes - so when I'm at home it's hard to see me in anything else! Because of it being so hot though I can't really deal with pyjamas so I am super happy at how cosy this little two piece is from sheinside. The incredible thing is for both the top and shorts it's only $16.39 which is £10.62! For the top alone I would pay that, let alone cute matching shorts!

It definitely is perfect for the weather, and I think you have to be a little brave to wear it out because it could definitely be a little *chavvy* if you don't do it right! I love the sports luxe trend though so a little sport two piece is a perfect addition to my wardrobe. They actually have a tonne of them on sheinside, and I've just ordered this one! Woo hoo for the two piece's!

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