Drop Dead.

'Drop Dead' Mint Green Hole Knitted Sweater, c/o Drop Dead
Frayed Denim Hotpants (similar to Nastygal!), c/o Missguided
Mint floral crown, c/o crown and glory
White Large Leather Rucksack, c/o Grafea
Wildfox White Bel Air Sunglasses, Ebay - £130
Ozone White Leather Chunky Heels, Office - £68 (SIMILAR HERE!!)

This sweater from drop dead is such a ringer for wildfox ones, that I couldn't help myself to get it, even though this outfit is very similar with this sweater to the one I did a couple of months ago.
Yet again the weather can't really make it's mind up, today has been beautiful, with intervals of rain at random points here and there - I just can't win!

I feel like I haven't really updated this blog with my life very much but to be honest I haven't done very much recently! Like I said previously a big week ahead so this week was spent chilling. My friend Gemma came round the other night and we did some work from 4:30 - 1:30am! It feels like I'm back at sixth form all over again! I'm quite excited to the classes and courses I've been attending but I can't really reveal stuff as of yet as I'm still getting to grips with it all.. but I feel like if I never have to talk about cash flow forecasts ever again I will be one happy lady!

Have a lovely fathers day tomorrow guys!
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