#31 Thrifty Thursday - Polka Dot

I have actually already shown these lovely little culottes in a previous post many years ago now (gosh, time flies!) and although the only difference is that they could have done with an iron in this post (oops!) they're still a huge staple in my wardrobe.

Polka Dot Body, c/o Ukulele
Vintge DIY polka dot cullottes, Carboot - 50p
White Large Floral Crown, Topshop - £22
Ozone White Leather Chunky Heels, Office - £68 (SIMILAR HERE!!)
Wildfox White Bel Air Sunglasses, Ebay - £130

I decided to pair it with the polka dot body I recieved from a cool little brand called Ukulele. Now, this is actualy supposed to go under this sheer dress, but I feel like it's so nice on it's own! I will try and show you the other dress at a later date if I can figure out what to wear underneath!

I am showcasing my lovely new wildfox sunglasses to you all on the blog! These badboys were not cheap. They retail for around £200 in the UK wildfox site, and around £130 in America. However if you take into accout postage and customs from America it costs around £200 also. I was very very lucky and grabbed them on ebay from a US seller for £130 inc postage and also had no customs charges! They're VERY PRICEY but I have really been lusting after them forever so I think that I can justify it a little .. but not really. I mean £130 for sunglasses is crazy when we only get like 10 sunny days in england haha. But I love them nonetheless!

The weather has again bee super lovely, so we took these photos in the park nearby. I must say that although I felt a little odd with the amount of people staring at me posing for the camera, it was quite nice to venture a little further out for photos for once. We also then chilled in the park for a little bit on the swings, which now being an adult, swinging is much harder than I remember it being?! I can't get half as high as I used to!
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