Paris instagram guide: #PFW ...

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                                                                                           ph. via instagram (@vanjaam, @jelenakarakas)

Getting around a Paris during the fashion week madness is really incredible experience! Barbara Bui, Manish Arora, Cedric Charlier, Alexis Mabille, Marc Cross, Roi et moi are just some of the names in fashion which we have seen on the runways. Besides that, we also crashed at H&M party with Sonja Kovacs (editor in chief of Elle Serbia) and had amazing night!
Because of the #pfw , fashionable people are everywhere, and you never know who you'll meet! At our gorgeous hotel the Westin Paris - Vendome we run into one of my dearest girls Aimme Song and her lovely sister, but we also had chance to met super star Ashley Olsen, cute Garance Doré and Scott Schuman and as cherry on top, we met my all time favorite miss Caroline
So if you ask me what is the most important thing during the #pfw, I will say: Hotel! If you are at the right position, a few steps from the shows, or short taxi rides, if you are near all the fashion craziness you will feel like you are a true part of it, and you will love it!
At the end there are no words that can described better than photos, so I'm leaving you to catch the vibe!
Good night!


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