I'm loving... white

Trends come in every year that I always say I won't be drawn to. The neon trend was something I hated at first, and then along came my neon beanie and perspex clutch, and well, they're my favourite things in the whole world now. The same goes for white. Every single person in the blogging world loves white, and now I am utterly obsessed.
White is probably the most simple thing to wear. I have a dark skintone, so it looks lovely against it and doesn't wash me out!

White & Black Mix Aviator Motorcycle Sleevelss Jacket, c/o Choies
Ozone White Leather Chunky Heels, Office - £68
White Casual Trouser Pants, c/o Sheinside
Chanel Lookalike White Half Tint Sunglasses, c/o Zero Uv

The motorcyle wasitcoat is so so beautiful, it's really long aswell so looks amazing with a skirt. I had my eye on the chunky office heels for absolutely ages and the price is a little steep but I can't help it as these are my summer shoes for 2013! Kind of annoyed as I have seen copycats for half the price cropping up but oh well - they're beautiful! These Casual white pants are pretty much a staple (and are SO comfy) they are slightly cropped, but for a shorty like me they're basically perfect!

Lookalike Zara Gold studded collar shirt, ebay - £10
White Panel Wrap Mini Skirt/Shorts 'Skort', Zara - £25.99 (Similar HERE!)
Asos Hype White Heeled Sandals, Ebay - £8
White & Black Block Trousers, c/o Choies

You've already seen this studded zara shirt lookalike on the blog, it's perfect. I finally decided to buy the zara skirt I had been looking at for god knows how long - or should I say skort?! Skirt at the front and shorts at the back haha - how strange! Sheinside have the msot incredible lookalikes for £14!!!! and I think I'm going to get them off there in black. The asos heeled sandals were an impulse bid on ebay but for £8 I can't exactly complain! The trousers are black at the front and white at the back, they're really interesting so I thought I'd have a go and see how I can style them.

White Large Leather Rucksack, c/o Grafea
White Fishnet Crop Top, c/o Missguided
White Large Floral Crown, Topshop - £22

I don't really need to talk about this rucksack. It's amazing, and beautiful, and perfect. I've loved Grafea ever since I recieved the yellow backpack last year and they're such an investment. So beautifully made and really really big! I bought the topshop floral crown as part of a photoshoot, and although £20 for a floral crown that is fairly plasticy and not really as nice as my favourite crown and glory crowns is a little excessive, I do quite like it. The fishnet crop top is perfect for absolutely everything, particularly skirts and shorts. This whole picture makes me wish I was at Coachella *sobs*

This is definitely just the tip of the iceberg. I also have a white blazer, tonnes of white knit sweaters and dresses - I'm becoming slightly obsessed!

Hope you are all well and if you are obsessed with white like I am at the moment please do tell - would make me feel better knowing I'm not the only one! The weather is gorgeous at the moment so look forward to lots of very pretty outfit pictures coming your way! :-)

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