Set fire to the rain

First of all just need to have a huge apology for taking so long to post. But thankyou for sticking by me and hello to some of my new readers! :)

I think recently my style has evolved a little - matured, shall we say. I feel alot more adventurous with what I can wear now and I'm not too fussed whether it's deemed 'generically fashionable' by other people on the streets or whatever.
I've really started to love bustier tops, my lace bustier top has actually gotten too big for me :( but I've also got a light baby pink one and this new black one which I'm in LOVE with, I haven't stopped wearing it!

The maxi skirt trend has been knocking around blogs for ages now, and I've had this one for at least 2-3 months but never known how to style it. I wasn't going to keep it as it's HUGE on me and maxi's seemed like they couldn't be my thing as I'm so tiny at 5ft! But I love it and at 50p it is such a steal! And vintage - which is even better :)

Vintage black bustier top - ebay - £18
Vintage maxi skirt, carboot - 50p
Brown belt, primark - £2
Leopard print clutch, H&M - c/o the look show
Turquoise ring, carboot - 50p
Heels, ebay - £20

The heels are a lovely foxy lookalike off ebay and can be found here. I think they are also the comfiest pair of heels I have ever owned aswell! Definitely become a shoe whore over the past couple of months - I don't know where to put them all!

Sorry for the lack of updates, if you do want to keep up with my life |(not that anything interesting really happens!) then feel free to follow me on tumblr or twitter - I try and reply to everyone and keep up to date answering questions etc so come say hello, I love speaking to readers and checking out your blogs too :)
Going to have a belated '2 years bloggerversary' because I've been busy, but look out for a faux YSL arty ring giveaway!!
Thanks again for sticking with me guys! :)


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