My heart skips a beat.

I wore this out for a meal with my little sister recently, was going to take pictures of food again but felt like this blog was just making everyone hungry haha so I decided against it!

Vintage black bustier top, ebay - £18

Vintage floral skirt, charity shop - £4

Wedges, christmas present

Clutch, charity shop - £2.50

Faux arty ring, ebay - £12

Belt, primark - £2

'Follow the leader' swallow necklace, c/o Eclectic Eccentricity

I absolutely love this skirt. It was a maxi that I took up and from a charity shop in London ageeees ago when I went to visit my gorgeous friend Hannah. It was too small for me and so have only started wearing it since I've slimmed down. I also wear it with my gorgeous camel jumper when it's colder which is perfect for the upcoming A/W! The clutch was a charity shop find by my excellent mother, and it seems to go with everythihng in my wardrobe = amazing!

Also got sent a gorgeous necklace courtesy of Eclectic Eccentricity. I got sent items a while back and I remember when they were quite a small company. Abit ago I saw one of their necklaces appear on the this morning fashion segement (yes I know omg I need to get a life and get out the house) and just thought how great it is that they have grown so much in such a small amount of time! But I've been sent a few of their new A/W samples and this one was one of my favourites.

Got a few ebay items going up soon, so please follow me on twitter so you will be the first to know when! In a ridiculously happy mood today and got so many nice things to show you, but honestly having the biggest clearout ever cause I need the money so please visit my ebay would be muchos appreciated! :)

Hope you all have an excellent weekend, I've got two weeks off work so I wanna read all your lovely blogs/tumblrs/add you on twitter so just bug me and I'll be more responsive than usual haha.


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