Date Night.

I must admit, I haven't been out properly for such a long time, and I'm such a fussy eater that I feel quite sorry for my will-eat-anything boyfriend as I'm so hard to please when it comes to food!

We decided to go out for a meal, and I decided it was a great opportunity to dress up! He picked me up from work and we wandered around for abit, and I did get some strange looks off people - it wasn't exactly 'warm' outside!

I mentioned on twitter how shocked I was that this outfit has no second hand or vintage! Truth is, I saw this playsuit on a mannequin in quiz and thought it was just a perfect 'summer' playsuit. Unfortunately they only had a 10, and my mums attempt to take it in wasn't all that great so it is still pretty mahoosive on me, probably shouldn't buy things two sizes too big for me next time but I loved it and this was the last size!

Floral playsuit, Quiz - £26.99

belt, primark - £2

Ring, ebay - £12

Wedges, ebay - £10 (found here!)

The shoes were a steal on ebay at a tenner, I recently sorted my shoes out and realised that I own pretty much black heels?! These are great for all my summer dresses and playsuits, super comfy and quite different! I really like the straw canvas material on the wedge part - very summery!

Being vegetarian everyones always curious as to what I 'actually' eat, which is a shame because people forget how many great things you can eat thanks to quorn! But when I mentioned to a colleague I was going for chinese they were just shocked as to what I could eat! I personally chose vegetarian chow mein, egg fried rice, spring rolls, chips and curry sauce - and it was bloomin lovely! My boyfriend opted for a massive plate of sweet and sour chicken with prawn sesame toast and shared the chips and rice with me.

It was at a chinese which me and my family always used to get takeaways from and is my absolute favourite, and was also ridiculously cheap. We then nipped to blockbuster to get some cheesy films (national treasure anyone!?) and munched on these amazing pretzels..

My sister brought them back from America when she went and this new shop across from my work stocks them! They're very pricey, along with frooty loops and lucky charms cereal for like £8! But obviously thats the price of shipping etc - but flipz are honestly my favourite snack ever!

Thanks for such wonderful feedback on my last post and I'm hoping to keep up this frequent posting, it can be quite frustrating to have someone always around to take them and then to actually look nice or be pleased with them - the pictures were after a chinese which left me very bloated and tired! But my little sister was very sweet and we rushed and it took about 5 minutes so it was fine. It's also the first time in ages I didn't wear red lipstick out and about, but I figured I would give it a miss seen as I was going to be eating.

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