Ready to go.


I didn't get my haircut.
Fooled you all, yes?

Aussie sent all the aussie angels wigs that were significantly different to the style we had already and I got two short ones, one super duper short and a bob. I actually loved the bob on me and think it makes me look older and sophisticated..

But did you really think I'd chop ALL MY HAIR off? C'mon guys ;)
But thankyou so much for the positive feedback, I would definitely consider that style when I'm older, but for now I love my long hair haha :) I also fooled all my friends on facebook AND my parents haha in real life, they thought it looked amazing hahahahah. So so much fun ;) Aussie are booking us in for a free cut or dye but I don't really want either? I was thinking maybe a bit brown for summer? I dunno, we shall see, let me know what YOU think I should do with my hair!

Anyway, outfit post..

Dress, carboot - 50p
Vintage knit floral cardigan, ebay - £13
Ring, carboot - 50p
Bag, mums
Nautical brooch, gift
Cameo brooch, carboot - 50p
Urban outfitters Cuckoo clock necklace, ebay - £7

I lovbe this cardigan, I got it last summer and it was such a steal for £13, It's such a unique take on the 'cricket jumper' trend everyone loves, the florals make it great for summer and the comfiness is great just cause summer in England usually means 'the sun is out but it is still cold so bring a coat with you' haha.

I feel bad for fooling you all with my haircut, but I think its great you were all honest, some of you admitted you actually prefer my old hair and some said it looked amazing. Please let me know any ideas you have on my hair, I would love to get it ombre-d, but its wayyyyyy too overdone and I don't think it would suit me anyway. Thoughts are more than welcome. More outfit posts and such on the way and remember to follow me on tumblr and ask me questions etc :)


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