Elle 's b-day ....

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               ♥  Jovana, ♥ Branislava, ♥ Anja, Nenad (journalist and stylist at Elle) , ♥ Marina, me and ♥ Jelena                        
                                                                       bloggers with Elle editor in chief Sonja Kovacs

                                                                                        ♥   Jovana

                                                                                       ♥    Marina

                                                                                              Ivan Radojcic

                                                                                             ♥   Anja

                                                                                      ♥    my gorgeous super stylish girls

                                                                                        ♥ Jelena

                                                                        Late coffee/wine/juice time ( after party ) :)

      You know that new song  from Beyonce : "Who run the world?" Girls, girls.... She probably had this in her mind ....

                                              And then, we got serious... :) Empty streets at night, city lights and us....

                                                                                           photos by Marina 

                                                                                    one of the best shoots that night ....


                                                                                               by me

                                                                                               dress: software,
                                                                                               sandals: zara,
                                                                                               clutch: vintage,
                                                                                               bracelets and rings: non branded
                                                                                               photos by Marina
Wednesday night, reception at French Embassy, Elle's sixth b-day . Should i say something more? :) We had  great evening! Enjoy in photos!
Sreda veče, prijem u francuskoj ambasadi, rodjendan magazina Elle i naravno mi! :) Nakon toga još jedno "kafenisanje" i slikanje na praznim ulicama... Nadam se da će vam se dopasti! :)


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