Oh Glory! - (carboot haul)

Bet you didn't think I'd be showing you one of these for a loooong time ey? Seen as I work at 11am on a sunday, it's rare I get to go to a carboot, but I've been making my family wake up early so I can get back in time which I feel bad about, but this carboot buying and selling via ebay is money I need for my travelling next year!. Here are a few things I pciked up, I will be showing more in outfit posts rather than just a huge haul post, I dunno which you guys would prefer? But I don't like just showing it in one go I wanna space it out. Anyway.. here we go!

Vintage st micheals faux fur coat = £1.. yep, 1 wholeee pound!
I'm keeping this (not selling!) for winter, and to be honest I want it to be winter just so I can wear this badboy. So cheap and so beautiful in real life. nomnomnomnom

Grey knit poncho = £3
I think this will be great for festivals and I wanna keep it but I'm not going to any this year, *sigh* this is on ebay :)

Tapestry bag = £1

Granny cardigan = £2
An old woman was selling this along with looooads of other vintage things, spent like a tenner just on her stall haha (bet she loved me!)

Vintage black annkle boots = £1
I have shoes bang similar to these, only these are a little bigger so I'm selling them :)

Beaded sequin jumper = £1.50
I love this jumper dress so much, I don't wanna sell it waaaaaah its something I think you'd see in vintage boutiques for ridiculous amounts aswell, the detailing is so pretty and I can't actually believe how cheap I got it for!

Tapestry bag = £1

Nautical jumper = £1.50
This jumper and the one above were actually 2 for £3, so £1.50 each basically. Love them both and proper vintage aswell!

Sequin waistcoat = 50p
I think this is the cutest waistcoat in the entire world!

Tapestry bag = 50p

Check crop top = £1.50
It's not actually a crop top it's just cleveless but I prefer it like this. This was from the old woman with a bazzllion vintage clothes :)

Majority of these are on my EBAY now :) So have a peak.
I've also jumped on the bandwagon (late) and gotten TUMBLR!!!!!! So follow me and I'll follow back etc I love it, it's so addicting! It does worry me how many 'thinspo' tumblrs there are knocking about though, and a few of them even reblogged one of my pictures, which freaks me out and makes me feel uncomfrotable to be honest. But I still am enjoying the wonders of tumblr, so if you have one follow and ask questions etc :)

Took outfit pictures yeterday so they should be up soon:)


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