Loose lips sink ships.

I've been feeling ill again recently so todays outfit was pretty casual, but I really really liked it, and the jumper is my new favourite thing. Obviously I didn't wear my 'killer wedges' to school, haha! I wore my primark black ballet flats, so I thought I'd wear these shoes for the OOTD, you know, any excuse to whip them out! It's also a pretty thrifted outfit today..

Oversized knit jumper (worn as dress), carboot - 50p
Vintage scarf, carboot - 30p
Topshop polka dot tights, jumble sale - 30p
River island pocket watch necklace - gift

You may have sneaked a look at my finger and though OMG KAVITA YOU HAVE THE YSL ARTY RING?(maybe not that excitedly hahahaha) but no, don't be silly haha. It is just a cheapo knockoff which is quite shit quality and not as good as the real thing, but my god I love it so much haha! I love chunky rings and this one was £12 off ebay, and there are loads knocking about. And you know what? I don't have £100+ to spend on a ring so it will do :) Plus it looks like it from far away haha and came in a pretty little box :):)

I know alot of you are abit funny with knockoffs but to be honest, I have a lookalikey mulberry and a YSL arty now, and if I could afford the genuine article I'd get it but.. I'm a student that spends buys their clothes from carboots haha :) More outfit pictures to come my lovelies :)!


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