The Primark Haul

Okay, so if you are like me, primark is just okay.
See the thing is, I'm definately NOT a clothes snob at all, I think primark actually has amazing things at times and it is great for a quick fix.
But at the same time, I hate that everyone wears primark, thats why vintage is so appealing to me. It's unique.

Well my lovely father gave me £15 to get a few basics for summer, e.g. tops, shorts, leggings really. £15 isn't alot so I tried to stretch it haha and decided to go on a shopping trip with my little sister and her friend. It was actually brilliantly fun! We spent a whole hour in there (as you do!) And I feel like I bought LOADS when I actually didn't haha. Heres my primark haul!

I saw rave reviews about this foundation brush around the blogosphere, so when I saw it in primark, I though 'hey, it's £1.50, why not?!'.. And It's actually pretty good, with a smaller foundation brush on the other end. The Kabuki was £1.50 and feels SO nice. They are both amazing for £1.50. Definately check them out if you have a Primark near you!


Floral jeans. Whatever you think about 'em, these ones are pretty gorgeous! I fell in love with them when I saw them, and the print is so feminine and light. They were quite expensive, but I feel like they will be worn quite abit during summer. Love love love them! These were £13

Pretty little lilac floral dress. I think it's so ME, and It was only £7.50! But It just doesn't look right on, and I saw something else I want. It's getting returned for something else, but it is a little gem!

Basically stirrup leggings. I've wanted some for a while, they're sorta gym wear esque and look great with sandals for the summer! They were £4, and they are very thick. They are abit big for me though, having size 3 feet and all haha.

Baby pink sunglasses and florally ones. £1 each. Absolutely love 'em. Primark have the betest cheap sunglasses everrr!

So I saw these in Primark, just one of them in a size 7. I fell in love. Unfortunately there were no others around (Primark isn't the tidiest of shops!) so I just stopped looking. Then I spotted a pair, but they were a size 8. Dammnit! THEN I found a my size! I was so happy! They were reduced to £10 from £19.99 and couldn't be happier. Or could I?...
I went to the checkout and they came up to be £6!
I know right, I'm so lucky! They are perfect. A little difficult to walk in I'll admit but my gosh. Statement heels at their best. Just need to go somewhere to where them now :)

I also bought a vest top nd shorts, very basic stuff so not really worth taking a picture.
Hope you liked this little haul darlings :) I'm going to try and comment everyone back over the next 3 days!


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