Taking a minute to breathe.

I've been revising pretty much non-stop and I need a little break for the evening, so I thought I'd show you something absolutely beautiful I recieved in the post recently!

Nail polishes, Hello kitty makeup bag, nails inc polish, Gemstone trinket box, Hello kitty clip and lip balm, Accessorize purse, silver bracelets, punks pins apple necklace, Accessorize earrings, Butterfly hairband.

I won a contest off Claires blog and couldn't have hoped for a better prize, look at all the hello kitty stuff! Seriously, I may not go on about it too much on my blog, but I ADORE hello kitty and these things are so adorable!


It was very nice to get this and Claire has SUCH a lovely blog and shes such a lovely person! I love that twitter makes me closer to my blog followers and Claire is one of those people :)
Obviously I can't promise lots of posts because of my exams and revision but I will try and post a few here and there to let you know I'm still alive, and if you want to keep up with everything I do (which for the moment is just constantly complaining about the workload I am under) you can follow me on twitter. Feel free to tweet at me anything you like, I always respond, especially during these times of revision where I could do with some friendly banter ha :')
Until the next post my darlings!


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