Do you use cheap shampoos?

I do, quite often actually. My favourite has to be the sainsburys own brand coconut shampoo and conditioner. Actually, tescos one ain't half bad either to be honest!
The reason I love it is that it is coconut, which is great for dry/damaged hair (which I have as I use heat on my hair quite regularly)

I don't mind having own brand stuff that costs about 97p a bottle, it doesn't bother me too much. But it does look quite cheap just sat there in my bathroom, and the bottles are dull. If you're like me, you'll like nice packaging for hair stuff (bedhead being my favourite!)

Do you ever buy the more expensive ones cause the bottle is nicer and it LOOKS better, even though you KNOW the cheap stuff does that same job?
- I have done. It's sad I know haha.

So here is my solution! You will need:
♥ Cheapo shampoo and conditioners
♥ Expensive looking bottles from a good brand

My sister was going to throw out these toni and guy bottles as they'd been used up. But I really like the pump, and it's the perfect size for travelling! And is alot more attractive than cheapo stuff.

So all you do is pour the shampoo in the shampoo bottle and the conditioner in the conditioner bottle.. obviously :)

And voila. Perfect bottles full of cheap stuff.. and no one ever has to know!

Sorry for the little post and the fact it's random. But I have a carboot haul and didn't want two haul posts in a row, I wanted to mix it up abit :)
Carboot haul sometime this week, promise!


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