Dying in a sea of vintage.

This is a carboot haul.
I know you're excited!

So there are alot of vintagey things I got, take a look :)

I got these basic clothing items on the first stall.
Grey slouch hoodie - £2 / Star Pyjamas - £50p / Skinny fit primark jeans - 50p / Grey primark hareems - 50p
I'm a very 'wears my pyjamas round the house' kinda girl, it's where I'm comfiest. I decided I need proper loungewear, I think my neighbours think I'm sick and never in school 24/7 as I LIVE in my pyjamas haha!

Right, so the brown chequered bag was 50p and is fairly big, and the floral one is also big and was £2. I already sold the floral one, but both very very cheap stuff right there! The brown bag reminds me of a picnic bag, not sure what I'll use it for really. But for 50p I could just never use it again really haha.

Pretty floral earrings for 50p, which a matching ring that my mum currently has at her house haha. The ring is so pretty, I'll try show you it soon.

This is a little set of drawers for my jewellery and bits and pieces. I am so excited for all the little shabby chic bits and pieces I've been collecting! This baby was £1, I really love it.

Lovely little sequin top, was £1! It's really vintagey, shoulderpads included haha. I sold it just cause I needed monies, but it went for a tasty £7!

Ahh these bags are BEAUTIFUL. The first one was 50p from the first carboot we went to, then we headed over to another nearby and the second one I found was £1. I was so happy, just cause I can keep the one on the left, and I ended up selling the other for a nice £13 haha! :) Yumyumyum.

Not particularly attractive mens blazer. It has lovely military buttons like mine, and is a nice black. I'm probably going to take this in then sell it, and it was only 1 whole pound!

So from left to right -
Dark brown lace ups - £1. Look ALOT better on haha. These have been sold.
Orangey brown cloggs - £1. These are very very small, even for me! Again, I sold them!
Black pixie boots - £1. MINE MINE MINE.
Grey primark brogues - 50. Size 6, sold. Lovely and new however!

So heres a closeup of the black pixie boots They remind me of Alexa chung so badddlyyy.

Liek with most shoes, they look better actually on than just by themself.

Hair flower clip/brooch. It has a pin AND slide for hair and just adding onto clothes. I won't wear it in my hair.. I mean seriously big hair flower right there! It was 10p. I really like the idea of adding it to a really boring maxi dress. We shall see :)

Pair of genuine pink converse for £1! I've already bought a new pair off ebay when I found these haha FML. But I've sold these! My size and everything, can't believe I bought converse and then found them at a carboot a million times cheaper!

I also got a rubiks cube which I forgot to photograph for 10p! I'll take one tomorrow when it's sunnier. I am a little rubiks cube lover, I can solve it in 2 minutes, but I'm trying to get it down to 1 min 30s. ha!

Hope you enjoyed this vintagey haul. I didn't go to the carboot last week and I won't be going tomorrow, I'm revising as my first exam is next week. Wish me luck, I will need it! Any revision tips would be lovely, and moral support in general haha. Don't be surprised if I don't post much, but I have a good reason! Have a lovely weekend my beauties, and if you have exams BEST OF LUCK! :)


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