5 ways to style a little black dress with Grace Woodward.

Hello everyone!
I am currently away with my boyfriend and his family in Somerset at the moment - with very slow internet and amazing smelling food awaiting me - but I wanted to quickly show you what I got up to last Thursday!

I was so excited to be asked to 'model' some of the clothes as part of a feature with Grace Woodward Iyes, pevious x factor stylist AND BNTM judge - eeep!) and Meadowhall - all in the name of Meadowhalls October Fashion Month. I've never actually *done* modelling, I don't claim to be a model and certainly don't fit the description!

I got into Meadowhall and was immediately brought a cup of tea and had two gorgeous MAC ladies do my makeup and had my hair done! It was quite a long process for my makeup, to the point where I wondered how ugly actually was I if they needed THIS much makeup haha - but it was just because there was so much contouring and attention to detail which I don't do on my face! I really want to get some of the products they used on my face such as the paint pot and gel liner - which they actually used on my eyebrows which made them look AMAZING.


It was really exciting and I got styled by Grace, which in itself was pretty crazy and surreal!
She really had an eye for what looked good with what aswell - even pairing the trouser suit with the little black dress. I was pretty unsure at first but it was actually amazing. I really like how the looks were all different and how she really did show that a little black dress can be worn in so many different ways. I think my favourite look is probably with the hat - I look so 'chic' in it - and it's something I myself would never have even put together or worn. What was even nicer was how she kept complimenting how I looked in the photos etc which coming from someone such as her was such a compliment! I also got to just chat to her about normal stuff and just chill out - not a bad days work!

Do you like how the photos turned out? I hate when people say 'oh wow you look so different to your blog photos' cause it makes me feel like people think I try and 'mask' what I really look like on my blog than in real life - even though I don't edit anything except occasionally lighting! I do love how they did my makeup and hair - although abit too much than what I usually go for but it makes my skin look freakin flawless on all the photos - woo hoo!! & Thankyou so much to Meadowhall and Hazel for reaching out to me - I had such a good day!

Will be blogging tomorrow my Halloween outfit (woo)
And then over the next few days what I a up to in Somerset. If you have anywhere you think I should visiti please let me know!


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