#14 Thrifty Thursday - H&M Aviator Shearling Jacket

So first off - I'm SO sorry that thrifty thursday has been away so long! I was in london for a week for fashion week and then when I came back it took me a while to get back in my -groove- of blogging,and then I just kept putting it off.
I feel a little overwhelmed with blogging at the moment I'm not going to lie. As much as I am super happy for every opportunity thrown my way, I am just a normal girl from Sheffield and I feel so out of my depth!
I also feel like I need to stop letting blogging take over from me getting my you wear fashion things sorted as that is my number one priority, and I honestly and itching for the restock now (which is about 2 weeks away - eek!)

Anyway, it's a very quick one today as james quickly snapped these before we went off out to do some quick shopping on Ecclesall Road and grab a dvd from Blockbuster. Ended up watching WALL -E for the first time (yeah I dunno why I haven't seen it before even though I LOVE Pixar!) and it was such a cute film!

H&M Aviator Shearling Jacket, Thrifted - £4 (have a look here!)
White top, H&M - £4
Black Skinny Topshop 'Jamie' Jeans, ebay - £20
Faux Jeffrey Campbell Spike Lita Lookalikes (£39.99) c/o daisystreet
(yes, these are the BEST lookalikes ever!!!)

My mum picked me this shearling aviator jacket from a charity shop for 4 whole pounds! I absolutely love it :-) I just dislike that it's a size 12 and a little -too- oversized, but it does make it a lot comfier and warm! You can find them super cheap on ebay I've seen so take a little lookie HERE!

Sorry it was a quick one today - I am so busy at the moment!
Been really good with blogging so much recently though (3 days in a row yay!)
So Hopefully another post up asap!


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