#15 Thrifty Thursday - Halloween Special

Hello all!
I've had the most hectic day today - involving a little photoshoot session as part of Meadowhalls October Fashion Month! I actually got to hang out with the incredible Grace Woodward and get styled by her .. surreal and very exciting! She is ridiculously funny and lovely - ANYWAY more about that at another time :-)

Skeleton full body costume, thrifted - £3
Double platform studded suede creeper lookalikes, ebay - £19.99

My mum picked up this skeleton costume from a charity shop for £3. I have two different halloween things to attend and this is the first of the outfits I am wearing!
I think it is definitely worth hitting your charity shops for cheap outfits for halloween. If not then I'vs spotted some cheap skeleton costumes on ebay HERE & HERE

The facepaint was a pretty rushed shop, but I used snazaroo facepaints in BLACK and SILVER which looked amazing in the end. They have lots of YOUTUBE VIDEOS on how to do this look too :-)

The next outfit I think I'm going to be a cat - so kee your eyes peeled for that!


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