As a fashion blogger, it is always such an incredible thing to be able to collaborate with different brands. Not only do I get to work wth brands I haven't heard of and then fall in love with, but it means I am able to run this blog better, as I can experiment with different styles. I am always very thankful and see myself as very lucky in thisaspect, but I only ever accept things that are relevant to this blog, my style and what I think you guys would like!

When I was lucky enough to be contacted by Virgos Lounge, I nearly died. You know by now I'm a 'fancy dresses' kinda girl. I love them, i love how they look, how they make me feel. And oh my god, the dresses on Virgos Lounge are Breathtaking!

Lilac Dress, c/o Virgos Lounge
ASOS bitten platforms, gift

I'm sporting my new pink lipstick on this too! Do you like? I only own one lipstick (yes, one!) and its my red lipstick I wear on a few of my posts. I will do a post on the brand as they are both the same brands! They are a very cheap brand, and cost £3. Yes, £3! It has the nicest consistency, it is very moisturing and not at all drying! I have dry lips so these are perfect and I've never tried a lipstick that compares! I am always asked how I do my makeup etc and I always have the cheapest makeup because I just don't see the point in paying £14 per lipstick and owning about a million! Guess thats why I would make an awful beauty blogger haha!

My ombre is now looking lighter! The brown dye is fading, and now it's a mix between the bright blonde I dyed it, and the dark brown I did after. I love it! Again, I will do a 'How to do a DIY ombre' as I know a few people really wanna do it - and you don't need to spend loads at a hairdresser!

I've got lots of exciting news about my ebay shop, and will be restocking this week with loads of stuff. My room is full of vintage and other loveliness I've been sourcing especially for it, and I'm so sad I can't keep it all! Thats the bad thing about owning the shop - It's all things I love myself and want to keep! Will tweet when they go up of course so look out for that!


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