Tentative decisions

It was really sunny here in Sheffield, So I made the most of it! There is still snow on the ground in certain places, which is so bizarre when the sun is shining! James & I went for coffee and I wore my favourite summer playsuit I bought last year off ebay. It's such a staple, and was so nice that I was able to wear it out even though it's not summer yet.

Topshop floral playsuit, ebay - £30
Khaki cardigan, chrity shop - £4.50
Gold cuffs, H&M - £1 each (sale)
Faux Jeffrey Campbell litas, c/o soyoushoes
Calcite tassel necklace, c/o tentative decisions

Having twitter (follow me here!) means you get to know bloggers so much better, and also come across new and exciting online stores. I came across Tentative Decisions, and instantly fell in love. Kay kindly sent me two beautiful pieces, which I haven't been able to stop wearing ever since!

I've been lazing around so much recently, I really need to get back into a proper routine. I'll be updating the shop soon as I can get more stock, the snow has been making it so difficult to do anything, but now that its cleared up I'll be getting everything back to normal :-)

OH and thankyou guys for the lovely comments on the last post! It's always muchos appreciated!


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