Give your heart a break

Here in Sheffield, it was really lovely and sunny. Not exactly hot, but definitely bearable, so I decided to be a little 'brave', and wear this dress with a midi-skirt.

Topshop grey crop tee, ebay - £4
Burgundy snood, primark - £5
Gold cuffs, H&M - £1 each (sale)
Faux YSL arty ring, gift
Maxi dress work as skirt, primark - £5 (sale)
ASOS tan bitten platforms, gift

The cuffs were such a bargain! I got the last two in h&m and they were reduced in the sale for just £1 each! They are amazing for sprucing up a boring outfit ;)

I love my asos bitten platforms, they are so beautiful! I have primarily black heels/wedges, but recently have been trying to branch out to different colours, i.e. tan/brown! I have just recieved the nicest shoes in the post today and a post will be up soon. I'm aware I think every pair of shoes is the 'nicest' haha but what can I say, I'm obessed!

James & I decided to nip into town and pop into a little shop which sold lots of American goodies fairly cheap. We spent about £11 haha, so when I say fairly cheap I mean in comparison to other places I've been. It's always nice to have a little bit of a treat now and again though :)

Also - I'm thinking of ombre-ing my hair for summer. I'm SO undecided, help?

title: give your heart a break - demi lovato


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