Thats what makes you beautiful.

These photos were taken on wednesday and I have only just had the time to do an official bloggypost - oh dear!
So much stuff has happened since the last time I posted -
I have a new (so much better and fashion related) job!
My boyfriend and I are now long distance
My bank balance is alot healthier - I sold lots of my old clothes and have been on quite the tight spending ban.
All my friends have left me and gone off to uni, I'm so depressed!

Other than that I've been pretty normal, I'm alot better now. I'm less anaemic as I've been eating lots of healthy fruit and vegg, and I've even started working out more so I'm just an all round fit and healthier person! I want to apologise for how slow I've been with blogging/tweeting/tumblring(haha?) as my new job has genuinely just taken up so much of my life. And if you were wondering - it's nothing fancy pancy it's just a fashion retail job, but it's miles better than my previous job! Bit miffed I couldn't go to any LFW things or the lookshow, but couldn't really take any days off my new job and didn't fancy spending so much money! Maybe next year, ey?

Dress, vintage - free
Heels, ebay - £20
Ring, ebay - £12
Clutch, vintage - £2.50
Hat, primark - £6
'Make A Song & Dance' Necklace - C/o Eclectic eccentricity

I found the dress amongst some old things of my mums, its a vintage dorothy perkins number and a size 14. To be honest its awful on the hanger, but belted up, a good pair of heels and a fancy hat, it looks pretty lovely!

I've wanted a black floppy hat for ages and of all places to have the one I wanted? PRIMARK. I love it, except it really is so hard to take pictures because it shades my face and I'm no expert photographer, so therefore I do not know how to fix the lighting problem except take many pictures until a few are OK. The hat is genuinely so good at 'making' an outfit. Put it with literally any outfit and you look 10x classier and more sophisticated, it's amzazing!
I also wanted a little harmonica necklace for ages and EE were kind enough to send me one, it actually works and everything! It's so quirky and cute I can't get over it!

Think thats enough from me, I'm hoping to update soon but sorry if it's not as soon as it should be! Hope you all had a wonderful weekend!


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