Indian summer

Weird weather going on in England right now, we're having a belated summer falling in the Autumn called an 'Indian summer'. Its all nice and sunny but my wardrobe is rather confused.

Vintage floral shorts, ebay - £25
Vintage white lace bustier, ebay - £18
Converse, ebay - £15

These floral shorts are my absolute favourite! They are two sizes two big which sortof shows on the pictures but they're super comfy and I pinned them at the back so they aren't toooo baggy. The converse definitely didnt get enough wear out of them this summer, but the summer was pants, so I'm making the most of it this week! The shorts and shoes were actually bought last summer! And I just never ever had a chance to blog about it, I'm such an awful blogger - woopsie!

YSL arty ring ends tomorrow, and the winner will be picked and announced in about a weeks time :)


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