Jar of hearts.

Enjoyed my two days off work, and have decided that I will try and update at least once a week as I've been neglecting big time, and theres just so much to show you!

Vintage white bustier top, ebay - £18
Vintge DIY polka dot cullottes, Carboot - 50p
Belt, came with a skirt
Vintage brown mini satchel backback, carboot - 50p
Black swallow cut out wedges, ebay - £20
Stag necklace, primark - £2.50 or something?

Remember my white bustier bralet top from this post? well, its too big for me on the bust and I had to face the fact it just wasnt fitting me anymore. I tried to find one similar but couldn't, until I stumbled across a baby pink one. I bleached it and then painted it with fabric paint.. and voila!
The cullottes are vintage marks&spencers, and were actually like, palazzo trousers. But I cut them up into shorts :) The bag was such a steal, especially as places like topshop are charging extortionate prices for the little satchel bags!

My hair looks a little crazy, it' was crazy windy! I've been wearing my hair up alot at work as my hair is getting so long now, it just gets n the way.

Heres hoping I keep up with the frequent blog posts! :)


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