My Killer Wedges.

I have had so many comments and emails about my wedges which I recieved for christmas for me to properly show you them, I wanted them to have a post all to themself but took forever to find an outfit which matched it the way I wanted. So when I got my new leather shorts and bustier top, I thought it all looked perfect together :)

Wedges - Christmas present
Vintage white lace bustier, ebay - £25
Vintage leather shorts, ebay - £35

For people asking where I got them from, I don't know, they were a christmas present!I'm really sorry! All I know is they are not from the UK (US maybe?) and cost quite abit as they were my main present!

The bustier top is probably my favurite thing at the moment, it's perfect with all my vintage high waisted shorts that I have acquired (and can't wait to show you!) The leather shorts are also amazing with crop tops and this bustier top, I love the whole combinaton. I wore it on a night out and felt very naked (obviously) but I love it all put together with my chunky rings (which I also need to show you) jesus I have bought so many clothes recently!

Also, how amazingly sunny has it been? I've been working pretty much every sunny day that has cropped up, bar today, in which I am suck inside doing my history coursework anyway!

Sorry I've not been doing my regular Share Sundays, honestly I feel like if I can just do it when I can raher than every sunday its not only easier for me, but means theres less stress. To be honest I've been busy because my love life has significantly changed.. not that I really talk about my personal life on here, but it probably explains alot as you all know what it's like when that happens! I will always have time for my blog though, don't worry!

I got lots of carbooty treats for you soon, and I hope you all had a wonderful Easter :)


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