I keep dissapearing, I'm surprised you guys haven't forgotten what I look like, ahahah.

I missed a sunday post as I've been really busy with work, I know I said I'd stop with the excuses and say I was going to be posting normally but like I said I don't want blogging to be a chore, and so I don't want the pressure of posting alllll the time, only as often as I can do.

I actually took these last week but I couldn't find my camera lead, then I couldn't find my battery charger, etc my life is such a mess right now, thank god I have a whole 2 weeks off sixth form to sort it out. Honestly my room is unrecognisable right now.

Necklace, EABurns - HERE
Vintage floral dress, ebay - £30
Belt, primark - £2
Khaki cardigan, charity shop - £4.50
Ring, matalan - £4
Vintage brooch, charity shop - 20p

A while ago I was contacted by Lizzie who makes her own jewellery in the name of her brand 'EABurns', and wondered if I would like to be sent something. You probably all know by now how big I am on independent companies who work hard to handmake things and such, and when I saw what she made I was ecstatic to recieve it in the post.

The necklace is genuinely amazing quality and its so different to any piece of jewellery I have owned (and I own a hell of alot!) and the best bit is you know its made with love and care. I got so many compliments on it because of how unique it is, and I love the colour too, its very 'me'
The cardigan is also my new favourite cardigan (taking over from my previous burgunfy number) I love the shape and just how it fits, it's gorgeous and the khaki is great for the colder summer days.
ALSO my hair is straight for the first time in FOREVER, and look how long it is! My friends were all commenting on how different I looked and I prefer my hair curly but its strange to see how different my hair looks straight.

I've also come into the world of new technology and now have an iPhone 4. It's pretty and new and I can't get over how much I looove it, and I have a few covers for it that I wanna show ya cause they're awesome.

Sorry about my dissapearing act, I have a few things I'm selling on ebay and they go on sale tomorrow, and I will post about it soon :) and a few charity shop bits and bobs to show ya, till then my lovelies.


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