#027 Share Sunday

1. WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN? I know right, Too long? I think so!
I haven't been anywhere other than sixth form, work, home etc and I took a much needed break. I think I forget sometimes just how much I have on, and as much as I do GENUINELY love and appreciate this blog and its followers, It's alot of pressure. I feel pressure to look nice, have something good to say, a nice outfit, look nice etc and I just felt overwhelmed. I didn't want what I loved to become a chore but it did, so I stopped before I resented the whole of blogging completely. This break has made me realise I do miss blogging, but it shoudln't be something I dread doing. But now, I'm much better and have so many outfits and charity shop finds to show you, I really really cannot wait! I am genuinely sorry for being away, I know it's not like I am obligated to post all the time but I feel like when I read blogs I kinda expect them to post often enough to validate me being a 'follower'.. you know?

2. Anyway, not much has happened. I'm still quite tired from sixth form and work, and not much has changed. Got alot of stuff regarding coursework and I realised my exams are soon but HEY, I start my 2 week easter holidays soon and more than anything means I can get much needed loooooong rest. I'm also starting up my online shop which I've been banging on about for months on end haha, but I will have the time to launch it so YAY!

3. The picture is of my dress I wore to a recent work do, and no, I wasn't overdressed. It was a proper evening attire kinda thing and it was SO lovely to meet all the workers from my region! The dress was £20 and my mum cut a slit into it as I didn't like the length as it made me look frumpy cause I'm so short! The heels were £12 and the clutch was £2 from a charity shop? I dunno somewhere like that haha and earrings £4 from primark ;)

4. Thats it for now, I'll be posting regularly starting next week with a few bits and bobs that I've not had a chance to show you, including clothes from motel and other places which I am soo desperate to show you!

Thanks again guys, and I've missed you so much!


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