The £3 Maxi dress and Aussie Event

Remember the jumble sale I went to and I mentioned that I bought a £3 maxi dress? I'm not a fan of maxi dresses just cause I'm 5ft and quite stumpy, so I didn't think I could pull one off if I'm honest. But I fell in love with the texture and pattern and colour of the dress, so I had to buy it. Here is the gem:

Maxi dress, carboot - £3 / Sandals, ebay - £3.50 / Primark Necklace - £6

The actual dress on a hanger is quite boring, so I took a belt and pushed loads of the fabric under and pulled the top over to cover the belt and also hoisted up some fabric from the sides up. It makes the texture much better and flowy, and It makes me less stumpy by showing some more leg. I don't think I'm quite ready for a proper full length maxi, I'm definately not tall enough for that!

Then I wore this whole outfit to an event in London for aussie. It was so amazing! They did my hair and makeup and my hair was literally the most amazing thing ever.

Getting all pampered..

My hair, before and after.
The girl who did my hair was amazing! I asked for this hairstyle that I'd seen in more magazine (the one with katy perry on the front!) and she did it amazingly! I didn't know how it would look cause my hairs super duper long. I really cannot wait to try this on a night out! The magazine with the hairstyle actually has a tutorial with it so you'll be able to do it yourself, but because she talked me through it properly and I have the products, I may do a little tutorial for you all :)

My makeup, before and after.
The makeup was fabulouuus. I genuinely thought I was wearing quite abit before (obviously some has come off during the day) but then she wacked loads on and I looked SO different!

We got this lovely goodybag too so I can actually do the hairstyle and all the products smell SO GOOD. Even the hairsprays, which is an added bonus.


Thanks to all the 1000heads girlies and especially CHARLIE for letting me stop at her house after I ended up missing my coach home (long story, was an experience to say the least!) please go visit her lovely blog for me :)


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