Haulie paulie pudding and pie.

Hello there beautiful people, I have a new post for you.. and it's a good un'
So my mum decided to drag me to a jumble sale, they're usually abit pants if I'm honest, they have nothing on carboots. But oh my. I found some gems!

This was the first buy I made of the day. It's really lovely and was 50p.

I cut my face off cause I was wearing no makeup and it was early in the morning.. no one wants to see that haha! Anyway, this dress was 50p! It's not a big brand and it took me a while to fit my boobs in (I'm guessing it's a child sizing!) but I love it for summer.

Recognise this? Well, if you've followed me for ages then you'll have seen it here . Well no, actually, it's a different phone, it's pretty similar! Except this one cost me £1 rather than 50p and I prefer the other one. I may sell it or give it as a gift or something (sorry for the weird purple thing on the picture, my camera is breaking haha)

So these are quite normal styled pink trousers, but are high waisted. They cost me £1 and I'm going to cut them up and make them into shorts (hence why I've taken the picture from this angle) I'm really excited, they fit lovely too.

This is the cutest and daintiest little compact mirror I've seen in my life! It was only £1, and has all the gems intact and is pretty new. It's very me aswell.

A lovely Leather jacket by primark, it was £4 (Expensive right?) Well no, not really. For a jumble sale, yeah it is. But I've wanted a leather jacket for ages and I genuinely adore this one. yumyum

20p piece of lace material. Not much to say.. except any ideas on what I can make with it? It's not too big.

This was only 50p, It's lovely. I'm not sure what I'm gonna do with it, or where I'd even wear it to (If I'd ever wear it!) but it was 50p and so lovely. I could always to a rework on it, but we'll see.

This was 50p and it's half full! I love my tigi products & I'm thinking of doing a little hair post on what products I use and how I style my hair etc. Let me know what you think.

This was £1 and I just think it's so dainty and pretty. It's a quite big for me and it's too short to be a dress, but I'm sure I'll find a use for it. It reminds me of this dress from topshop that I've been after for a while, so I'm pretty chuffed!

Here are the things I found & that I am currently selling on ebay. I love them all but I just have too many clothes!

I really like this cardigan, but I have too many clothes. It's genuinely so beautiful and unique.

Cricket vest, perfect for summer!

YUMI dress, it's so adorable! It was hard not to just keep it for myself!

Another YUMI dress

Thats it! I also bought an amazing blue maxi dress for £3 and a coat for £2.50, which I'll post seperately because I need your opinion on the coat for a particular reason and the maxi dress just deserves it's own post to be honest!

Also thankyou so so much for all your lovely reactions to me coming back.. it's so nice to think people actually MISSED me haha! I've not got too much planned to be honest, my blogging is abit random at the mo but I will try and fit an ootd soon and of course talk about the wonderful event I'm going to in London on wednesday! I also have a little project I've been working on to announce within the next 2 weeks, I'm not giving and clues away yet but I promise it's good 'un!


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