I'm not sure why but I own and have brought me with me Munich 3 different striped crop tops. THREE?! Who even needs that many, let alone to bring all in one go?
I love this vintage one I cut up though, it's definitely a goodie. Although it's getting colder now so showing off my midriff will soon dissapear! I had to wear my thick primark tights under the skirt cause there was a particular chill in the air today - I'm hoping we have a few more weeks until the snow comes though - argh!

Photos by Carmen - lackofcolor

Spike Black trilby/Fedora, c/o Missguided
DIY Cut up Stripey crop jumper, Carboot - 50p
Lookalike Blue 'Celine' Trapeze Bag, Ebay - £37.99
Gold Detailed Cut Out Boots, C/O Choies (£84) (SIMILAR HERE)
Black Sheer Slit Maxi Skirt, Ebay - £5.49

I have moved into my new apartment so normal blogging can resume and filming this weekend (fingers crossed!)
I know I have kinda neglected my blog and stuff, and especially my youtube oh my god, but living in another country and moving is SO MUCH WORK. It's all good now though as I think I can finally settle back into a normal (ish) routine!

I sorted my wardrobe yesterday and I have to say I am a disgrace. The amount of clothes I have with me is ridiculous.. for starters I am only here 3 months and brought 1o pairs of trousers, 3 stripe crop tops, 4 pairs of shorts (lolololol) and 5 coats. WHO NEEDS 5 DIFFERENT COATS. And also like 4 pairs of black shoes. I am awful, I need to go to blogger hoarder bootcamp - and fast!

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