Hey everyone - hope you are well!

I was asked to have a look at the new Bershka mobile friendly website, and pick a few things to see just how easy it was to browse and purchase. It also has the feature where you can check if any of the items can be purchased in your nearest store, which is quite important for people who don't like to order online and like to be able to try things on in store. Ersonally I'm a huge online shopper so it wasn't an issue - but it's always nice to have the choice ;-)

Neon Pink Beanie
Black & White Crop Top 'Refuse'
Black Sheer Panel Bodycon Skirt
Black Platforms
Aviator Shearling Coat
Black Half Round Sunglasses
Furry Clutch

All c/o Bershka

I decided to go for a monochrome outfit with a pop of colour with a neon beanie. The skirt was one of my favourite picks, along with the crop top which is super sporty and very me! I'm also a little too in love with the jacket, which is an aviator/shearling style I've been wanting for a good few years now, and am so happy I finally have it now - especially in winter! Bershka actually have some really awesome things in at the moment, so whilst trying to pick a full 'outfit' I really struggled - as there was far too much choice!

Today I met up with my lovely friend from work Lizzy to meet up with Rebecca, who is starting work at Stylight on monday! We met up for a coffee and catch up at a little German cafe and it was nice to finally venture out a little more into Munich! I feel like I spend most of my time working or blogging that I haven't really had time to get all *cultural*

Hope it's all good back in England!

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