#31 Thrifty Thursday - Vintage Lace Bustier

I am an absolute lover of bustiers. They are my go to tops for nights out and park days with high waisted shorts. Vintage lace ones are the best ones - perfect shape and so gorgeous!

Leopard Drawstring Trousers / Pants, c/o missguided
Vintage Black Lace Bustier, Charity Shop - £7
Alexander Wang Kirsten Tote Lookalike Bag, Ebay - £33
Black Beanie, Ebay - £2.99
Lookalike Zara Black Suede Stilletto Sandal Strap Heel, Ebay - £14.99

I picked this one up from a charity shop for £7 I think, which is pretty good as these go for £30 + for a good (and brand new!) one! I teamed it with my new leopard pants from missguided which are beyond comfy! So gorgeous and the perfect trouser for when its sunny but not completely hot.

I teamed it again with my beanie and heeled zara sandal lookalikes because at the moment these are definitely my go to staples in my wardrobe!

I'm currently chilling in Manchester with my friends and we're about to pop off and get some food - such a shame the weather is being crap at the moment cause it's been so sunny this week! :-)

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