Now get this work.

Absolutely love Iggy Azealea and her song work, gives me that summer time feeling. Already kicking off my perfect summer '13 by seeing spring breakers tomorrow and having a serious shopping spree on wednesday with my best friend. Life is GOOD :-)

Monochrome Stripe Pants, c/o Choies
Black Crop Top, c/o Missguided
White Large Leather Rucksack, c/o Grafea
White Ice Watch, c/o Ice Watch
Comme Des Fuckdown Beanie
Lookalike Zara Black Suede Stilletto Sandal Strap Heel, Ebay - £14.99

The outfit was surprisingly thrown together, one of those ones where I couldn't find half of the things I needed so I had to pick and choose random bits from my (floor) wardrobe! The monochrome stripe pants are literally the most flattering fit, really fit me like a dream which is hard to find for a petite girl.

Added more monochrome bits to the outfit, including my 'comme des fuckdown' beanie which I've had forever and just saw lying on my stairs and threw on last minute. The heeled sandals I have not been able to find in FOREVER and thought I'd left them somewhere in James' house but thankfully I found them down the side of my bed whilst having a serious clearout - yes! Perfect summer heels. So easy to walk in and so super classy ;-)

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