Vintage Emporium.

Where I live, there is a vintage emporium and an antique centre next to each other about 15 minutes away from my house. I was feeling pretty under the weather, when my mum decided to drag me out and have a look around and help her with shopping, and I thought it was a good opportunity to show you guys my two favourite places in the world. I'll show the antique centre pictures on a different post, but today it's the vintage emporiums turn.

The emporium is owned by a very friendly couple, who were kind enough to let me take pictures and mentioned that they loved having the emporium so close to other antique places as it's all in one place for us vintage lovers.

It's not in any particular order, but the first sortof 'room' has lots of jewellery, brooches, lamps, necklaces, and many other things.


My favourite things has to be the embellished pieces. Me and my mum are trying to do our own DIY one at home, especially as these ones cost around £60+, but I can see why. The detail is incredible!

Not to mentioned a bra and pant set that Lady GaGa would probably be proud to own!

So it's pretty sporadic when it comes to the types of rooms, there are a few clothing bits which have a few pieces from different vintage shops that have their own room in the emporium. They also have furniture, vintage figurines, you name it! It's very easy to get lost in there, and you can see why. Me and my mum definitely spent around an hour in there today!


My favourite bit has to be this section. It really reminds me of the urban outfitters homewares section. I love the bunting, the keep calm and carry on posters and of course all the little shabby chic style drawers and mirrors. The prices are pricey, but they are a little bit cheaper than the Urban outfitters stuff and are what I'd expect them to be really.


I'm really happy with the pictures I took, and there were plenty more, but I narrowed it down to the nicest ones and I hope you liked it!
I haven't bought anything from there yet, but come Christmas (only 5 months away, agh!) and my birthday soon after, I know whats going on my wishlists!

I'll have the antique centres pictures up shortly (which are pretty similar to these lot) and I am hoping to have my first outfit picture with my new camera soon.
ALSO.. Thankyou so much to the responses on my layout. Was lovely to recieve so much positive feedback. However my sister was complaining that the sidebar was strange for her cause she has a small screen.. I hope no one else is having the same problem? Let me know if you are.

FINALLY.. To answer questions.
The Nikon D3000 was brand new, from Currys and cost £349.. and yes, I'd recommend it, it's definitely worth it!


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