"My only fault is that I have no faults."


H&M stripe top, ebay - £3.50 / Skinny jeggings, primark - £8 / Primark pumps, carboot - £1 / Owl necklace, ebay - £1.50

These pictures were taken saturday, I was dressed casual and just dragged my sister onto the street to take some pictures for me. The necklace is my new favourite thing ever.
And do you like the effects on the photos? I'm still playing around with it all but I like it, it's quite daydreamy.
I've been really slow with things recently, I'm sorry. Things have just been a little difficult, it will all blow over eventually and I'll be posting more regularly, promise! :)

Oh and I got my a level results back. I'm abit mixed with them, I was happy and annoyed at some, so I will be retaking a few and whatnot. But the one I was very happy with was my History results.. I was predicted an E and came out with a B. I guess hard work really does pay off! :)

I've got a few carboot stuff to show you soon and got to sort out the links for the blog among various other things. Like I said, sorry for being abit slow, I'll catch up with myself eventually!


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