How much is too much?


Vintage Silk shirt - £1, carboot
High waist shorts - £11, ebay
Burgundy Grandad Cardigan - £1, carboot

I love my outfit, The shirt and the grandad cardigan are perfect for A/W, and teaming them with high waisted shorts is what I do with nearly everything nowadays, so theres no surprise there..

Now the real topic of conversation is these badboys -


Topshop swallow cut out wedge heels - ebay, £75 (inc postage)
*gasps* I know, £75 for a pair of heels is BEYOND ridiculous! I've wanted these heels for ages, and when they sold out at topshop I was very very gutted. I decided to treat myself when they cropped up on ebay and for 3 very good (ish) reasons.
1. I hardly ever treat myself. Not just talking clothes, I mean seriously gone all out. I ALWAYS buy cheap stuff and I wanted a little splurge.
2. I had some money leftover from saving up for the camera
3. I'm saving for my gap year start september and this is the last month I am going to be able to spend any large amounts of money on things.

Excuses, Excuses! I know. But they are gorgeous, and I've seen a couple of knockoffs, but these are genuine good quality, and I reckon they will last me ages. You can tell they are slightly big for me haha. I can also team them with socks to make them look like a full wedge, rather than a cut out.. so if you think about it, it's like 2 pairs of heels for the (large) price of one! And they are pretty versatile, I would wear them on a night out for sure but they look great with the granny outfit I'm wearing in the pictures, it pretty much makes the outfit!

I've started wearing the gazillion brooches I own alot more. I love the librarian one, it's adorable! I'm also turning into abit of a ring person, but the problem is that I have the skinniest fingers in the world so alot of rings just don't fit me :(

Brooch - Free, off my mum
Librarian badge - 10p, Carboot
Red gemstone necklace - Free, off my mum
Snake ring - 10p, Carboot
Red gem ring - 30p, carboot
Clear ball ring - 50p, carboot

I went to the carboot yesterday so obviously there are lots of things I need to blog about regarding that and I did get lots of bargains so yeah :)
Hope you enjoyed the first OOTD in good SLR camera quality! Lots more outfits to come and a lovely little contest! Oh and thanks for all that positive feedback on the big carboot guide! I'm glad I have 'inspired' people to go check them out, it means alot to me :)

ANYWAY, my big question to you is..


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