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Okay so this is quite cheeky of me, because this is basically the same thing that the amazingly talented Sophie of Sophiemakesthings has blogged about before. But she made me fall in love with the clock style necklace and so all credit goes to her!
Her post was here, and I had been searching for a mini alarm clock similar on ebay, and they all seemed to come up for around £3-£4 and I never ended up buying one as I always forgot. I couldn't believe my luck when I saw this for 50p! Good job I forgot to purchase one in the end then! I already have a million necklaces I know (still a few more little charm necklaces I need to blog about) but this lovely little alarm clock made me fall in love completely.

Some other beautiful things I picked up from the carboot here.

♥ Neals yard orange flower daily moisture for dry skin (25ml) - The wonderful jennie from sailor jennie completely swears by neals yard products, and I have to admit that if it wasn't for her I wouldn't have a clue about the brand and would have walked on by. But I saw this moisturiser (for my skin type and everything!) for 50 whole pence and brand new with the silver lid still on it I just had to get it. I even checked when I got home and it goes for £7. What a bargain! I really can't wait to try this badboy out.

♥ Tapestry purse - This was also 50p and I love the tapestry trend at the moment.. it's very vintage. I reckon I will keep my makeup in this for when I'm out and about, as I don't really carry much and I already have a wallet. It also looks like one I saw on Urban Outfitters abit back (that was priced at a crazy £10!)

♥ OPI polish in 'Coney Island Cotton Candy' (15ml) - This is less than half used and was only 50p again! And I have to admit that if it wasn't for all the wonderful beauty bloggers then I wouldn't know anything about OPI. It's a very nude plain colour, which is great for wearing everyday just to protect my nails from breaking and such. And we all know how much OPI polishes retail arround, so this was definitely a steal!

This is by my favouritest ever vintage brand 'st michael' for marks and spencer. It is great for summer (obviously) and was only 50p! I tied it at the front as that is probably how I'd wear it.

These charmbracelets were 50p each and I really adore them. They're rusty, used and abit broken on some bits, but thats what makes them so lovely. I couldn't decide between them both so the guy let me have both for £1 rather than £1 each! They have beautiful charms like a windmill, dog, duck, telephone, pirate ship and many more lovely little charms.

This cameo brooch was 50p also (a big pattern emerging here haha) and is a little too modern for my taste, but I've wanted a black cameo for a while now.

I also recently got a fur coat from the carboot, and after I'd paid for it, a woman decided to tell me that it was infact real fur. Now I don't really know where everyone else stands on this matter but I completely am against real fur in fashion, regardless of whether it looks good (because I have to admit the coat is pretty nice!) so I am selling it. If anyone is interested take a look at my ebay here. I don't want to judge others on their choice about wearing fur cause I think people can do what they want, but thats just my personal view. But yeah just mentioned it for the pure fact that if any of you lovely followers saw it on my ebay and thought 'oh my god! why has she got real fur?' Well thats the reason haha, I'm very eager to get rid of it so if anyone is interested in a buy it now just let me know please!! I would usually just get rid of it and not bother selling it on but I paid quite a bit for it so I don't want to lose my money as I can't afford it! :(

Anyway! Got a new giveaway (the 1 year one) coming up soonish and lots of little haulage tidbits. I have an interesting outfit to show you guys which I'm not too sure about.. it's out of my comfort zone. Think 70's style vintage!
I actually have bought alot from carboots recently, but I wanted to do my hauls more gradual, because I realised it can be alot to take in when it's just a massive haul. I will be showing them all pretty soon, along with a big carboot guide that I am currently writing and editing to perfection (ish). So lots of stuff planned basically! Have a good week :)

P.S. Thanks Hannah for sending me that email today, it really really cheered me up. Infact thanks to everyone that sends me lovely little emails. They are the best thing about having this blog :)


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