Recently I've been a little naughty and bought things I shouldn't..

Red turban, ebay - £4
Aztec print cardigan, ebay - £20
Topshop leather leggings, off sister - free
Clog style wooden heels, ebay - £30
Zara lookalike tan leather shopper, ebay - £18.50
Promise ring - off boyfriend

Turbans are an odd fashion going around. They came about in summer and i just didn't think that I would be able to pull if off. I think they're alot easier in A/W, as 'hats' are needed in the cooler weather, and they suit an A/W wardrobe quite comfortably. I bought a red one and a black one off ebay, and they're exactly the same quality and everything as the ones in topshop etc, only ALOT cheaper! So I recommend getting them there, and they have lots of different colours. I'm thinking of getting a green/blue one next?

The shoes are what I like to think of as a more fashionable 'clog'. Remember when clogs were everywhere the summer of 2010? Well, I just found them a little strange, but I can't help but have a love of all things wooden when it comes to shoes. They're actually ridiculously good quality for something so cheap and are very very comfy. It's like walking on stilts and I did think they looked silly at first but now I adore them. Think they may be my new favourites.

The cardigan is just a nice aztecy tribally one which I actually saw in republic. Except the one in republic was pricier and not as dark as the one I saw on ebay, but I really liked it. I've been wearing it like everyday as it's really snug and honestly it's such good quality for such a cheap item - It's definitely my lucky month!

And finallyyyy the bag, oh how I've wanted the zara leather shopper tote for so loooong. I just had to settle for a lookalikey from ebay and it's slightly smaller, but still again great quality for the price.

I didn't really buy it all at the same time it just sortof came at the same time and took a while as most of its from China. Let me know what you think lovelies, as I'm in abit of a rush. I'm off out with the boyfriends family for a meal so I'm trying to rush this a little - sorry!

Works been high on my agenda and of course christmas shopping is soon to come - going to be upset to spend my hard earnt cash this month as it really is hard earnt! Alot of changes are happening to the blog - and including a name change! It's a big thing and its not all set up yet but I feel like I have changed and this blog has changed so much in 2 years and that it needs to reflect me better than what it is at the moment.

Anyway let me know my lovelies!
Speak soon hopefully!


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