See these platforms? THEY BROKE. I died. The heel just came off. And you know what? I deserve it, cause i always buy cheap stuff off ebay and this is what happens! RIP.

Topshop tartan bralet, ebay - £12
Black jersey maxi skirt, ebay - £10
Double snake bite ring, ebay - £13
Heels, ebay - £20

The bralet corsetty top always gets me compliments and I love it, and the ring is just the most amazing ring I've ever seen in my entire life!

On thursday I attended the 'meadowhall bloggers lunch'. Now, I'm actually from sheffield, so being invited to an event which takes place in Sheffield is bizarre - I was only travelling 45 mins rather than the 2+ hours it takes to London for the majority of events, so it was really lovely. They're doing a big campaign over October for their 'fashion month', and the day was alot of fun. We got to have a look around lots of stores new A/W stuff aswell as speaking to a woman from 'Evans' about body shape. When I enquired someone said 'inverted triangle', whilst another said 'hourglass'. I think I'm abit of both really!

I also got to meet some lovely ladies! I got to finally meet Hannah and Jen, who I've spoken to many times over twitter and regularly read their blogs - so was so strange to finally meet them. And jens first words were 'youre so tiny!'. Guess my photos really do make me look alot taller than I actually am haha. And I also met Claire and Lauren who were absolutely lovely! I love meeting other bloggers, they're always so down to earth and having a good natter about blogging is so refreshing - no one I know is really aware of this kind of stuff so it's nice to have people with the same interests!

We were kindly given a free complimentary meal at a new restaurant 'giraffe', which was lovely! My burrito (picture) was abit much so I couldn't finish it all, but it was such a nice place. Really healthy and definitely had a nice vibrant environment.

Will announce the faux arty ring winner on the next post - taken longer than expected as I've just been working so much recently. Went to Birmingham bullring this weekend with the boyf, and have a little haul so watch out for that. Hope you've all had a lovely weekend!


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