My Wild Heart.

It's hard for me to style outfits up during the colder months, I think I've made it clear that I'm definitely a summer girl. Living in England where we get 5 days of sun a year and constant rain is never really good for my outfit choices, but layering has become my best friend!

Big Heart Lennon Sweater, c/o Wildfox
Chunky Black Cardigan, c/o Sheinside
Red Beanie, gift from Carmen (available from ebay here)
Black Rucksack, c/o Grafea
Black Heeled Lace Ankle Boots, c/o Missguided
Leggings, Primark

I decided it was time to get a chunky cardigan to thow on over my outfits, underneath coats etc and this one is perfect. It's SO cosy, and fits perfectly with every outfit!
This wildfox sweater is an absolute dream. Wildfox is one of my favourite brands, and although my perfect styling of this sweater would be with some summer shorts, docs and wildfox sunnies, wearing this underneath a cardigan and thick leggings is still a pretty perfect outfit. Matching it with red lipstick and a red beanie makes me feel less drab too!

I posted a picture of my new grafea bag on my instagram and I still can't get over it. Their new collection is flawless and the smaller style means its even easier to fit into my wardrobe!
Finally, these shoes from missguided are a nice change from my standard Dr Martens boots pick!

Hope you are well well :-) I'm working on a new layout so keep your eyes peeled for that :-)

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