Bounce Back.

White Beanie, ebay - £3.49
Lookalike Zara Biker Leather Black Coat, c/o sheinside
Stripe shirt, Thrifted - £1
Faux Leather Jogger Pant Trousers, c/o Missguided
Black and white chunky chelsea boots, c/o missguided
Lookalike Blue 'Celine' Trapeze Bag, Ebay - £37.99

There isn't too much to say other than yes, it's still getting colder here in Munich, and I am coming back 2 weeks today. I'm so so excited to come home!
I went to the christmas markets in munich the other day, and tonight we're going out for Rebeccas birthday which should be good. I think I'm still recovering from the incredible Christmas work party from last weekend, so we will see how I feel about drinking copious amounts tonight! <3 Youtube | Facebook | Twitter | Lookbook | Pinterest | Tumblr | Instagram | Bloglovin |


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